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At Anchor of Hope Health Center, we believe that every woman is beautiful, significant and has a greater purpose. Every woman should feel respected and empowered. No matter what the circumstances are, we believe that all women can make intelligent decisions when they are presented with the truth about their choices. Women have options, and we exist solely to aid with those decisions. Anchor of Hope Health Center is a resource for women and men with pregnancy-related needs. We are not here to tell a woman what to do. We provide her with the support, information and education needed to make decisions that are right for her and all others involved. Our mission is to provide compassionate consultation and education services, for individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancy or related sexual health concerns. Our staff are trained and undergo continuing education to best meet the needs of our patients and our services are completely confidential. Our medical staff and volunteers reach out to parents and youth in the community, encouraging discussion and decisions that promote healthy relationships.

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