There’s nothing like searching for your business online only to discover that you are referenced as ‘fake.’ HUMMMMM – That’s interesting. According to Merriam, fake would indicate that Anchor of Hope is one that is not what it purports to be: such as a: worthless imitation passed off as genuine; b: imposter, charlatan. Merriam concludes with sports analogies and slight of the hand references. Not applicable to our discussion.

According to NARAL’s end the lies site, Anchor of Hope (AOH) and some 2,700 other pro-life pregnancy centers are fake women’s health centers. The AOH website services list includes pregnancy tests, ultrasound, parenting classes, STD testing and treatment, and more.  According to stats from the first 2 months of 2018 that’s exactly what AOH did: 78 individual parenting classes, 21 pregnancy tests, 13 ultrasounds, and 20 STD tests. And, all of these services were FREE of charge to clients. Folks, that’s NOT fake. That is serving unmet needs in a community with truth, compassion, and genuine concern for others.  BTW, I’m not telling our doctors or nurses they are fake, especially if they are holding sharp objects. They are nice people, but…

Why the slander? Why the lies? Why the cyberbullying?

Maybe it’s because the truth doesn’t align with their agenda. The site which went live within a month of the March 20 SCOTUS oral argument, NIFLA v. Becerra, is an attempt to discredit the good work accomplished by non-profit community based pregnancy centers, like Anchor of Hope. This case has implications not only for pro-life pregnancy centers, but for non-profits and anyone possessing convictions and a voice. The crux of the case eliminates free speech, forcing pro-life pregnancy to advertise for BIG abortion industry by informing clients of where to get an abortion and promoting it as a desirable option. When was the last time you saw an AA meeting at a facility surrounded by Jack Daniels posters? Yes! It’s THAT ridiculous! (Nothing against Tennessee Whiskey.)

What shall we do in response to this?

The answer is simple! We keep serving the women (and men) who walk through our doors with dignity, respect and genuine care. We continue to listen to their stories and encourage their strength while applauding their courage, intelligence, and ability to make sound decisions. We continue to receive reviews like, ‘I enjoy coming to AOH.  Very encouraging and positive.  They always make me feel welcome.’ Or ‘No one makes you feel judged or anything.’ Or ‘Everything was confidential and I felt comfortable.’ Or ‘Nurse was extremely respectful, never once made me feel uncomfortable or upset. This was such an easy reassuring experience.’ Or ‘Very non-judgmental. Very supportive. We talked about everything.’

Yes, we will continue the good work we are called to and we will even lay aside and forgive the lies and dishonest remarks by others.  Because we’re about serving. We’re about rolling up our sleeves to walk with others through difficult, life-impacting decisions. We’re about truth and information. We’re about giving.  So, that’s what we will continue to do.


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