Pregnancy Options


Choice 1: Become a Parent

Single or co-parenting with your partner can be both rewarding and challenging, no matter what your situation in.

Choice 2: Adoption

Is making an adoption plan the right choice for you?  Some women decide to give adoptive parents the gift of a lifetime through this choice.

Choice 3: Abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure and like any medical procedure, knowing the risks and facts are important.

How Can We Help?

I May Be Pregnant

Learn about the signs of pregnancy and learn about next steps.

My Partner Is Pregnant

It’s your decision too. Learn more about your options.

Friends and Family

Is someone you know pregnant and considering their options?

Think you might be pregnant? You didn’t plan for this to happen, it just did. Don’t let your pregnancy choices scare you. Get the information you need to make a strong choice. That’s why we’re here – to help you sort out your options.

At Anchor of Hope, we know you don’t need to be lectured, manipulated, or persuaded in one direction or another. You need to know what your options are, delivered with honesty and compassion. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and authentic information on all your options. With that you can make a well-informed choice that’s right for you today, tomorrow and the future.

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