To feel empowered is to feel strong, confident and free. Strong enough to stand up for youself; confident enough to move forward without fear of what other’s think or say; free enough to let yourself try and experience and live! We want to #Empower the people of this community – moms, dads, families – to do what’s best for them, what’s in their hearts.

Want to help #Empower members of our community? Select any donation designation and receive a free Anchor of Hope car magnet to show your support!

Buy One Give One! Donate a service through Anchor of Hope to help moms, dads and families that are experiencing pregnancy in some way. When you BOGO, you will receive a swag bag, and whoever received your donated service will receive one as well!

Anchor of Hope strives to provide a loving, safe, comfortable atmosphere for anyone facing the decisions that come with pregnancy – before, during and after. Help us continue to assist Sheboygan County and donate today!

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