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Anchor of Hope Health Center is a faith-based community non profit committed to providing you with everything you need to make an informed choice. We believe women and men have a right to accurate information from a resource that will not profit from your choices. All services to our patients are completely FREE of charge, professional and confidential. We do not provide or refer for abortions. We do not profit from any of your sexual health or pregnancy decisions. 

You have questions, we have answers

Who are you?

Anchor of Hope is a faith-based community nonprofit [501 (c) 3] and a licensed medical facility staffed and supported by medical professionals. We focus on pregnancy and sexual health concerns. See Our Services. We also offer parenting classes and material support for families with children age 2 and under.

How much do services cost?
Absolutely nothing. All our services are free of charge.
How do I prepare for my visit?
You are asked to bring a photo ID. If you are having a pregnancy test or STD testing, you should not use the restroom within an hour of your visit, to ensure the most accurate test results. The nurse will give instructions for ultrasound appointments.
How long will my appointment take?
Most appointments take 45 minutes to an hour.
How will I get my test results?
You will receive your pregnancy test results at the time of your appointment. Medical staff can also provide you with pregnancy verification, a requirement for certain benefits. STI results will take 3-7 days to receive. A follow-up results appointment will be scheduled at the time of your testing.
When should I get tested for STIs?
The Centers for Disease Control recommends STI/STD testing any time you have had a new partner or multiple sexual partners.
Am I not tested for STIs during my yearly check-up?
The services performed in a yearly check-up vary by physician. Some physicians will not screen for STIs as a part of your routine appointment unless you request it. Please ask your physician for more information on their STI testing protocol and remember the Centers for Disease Control recommends screening any time you have had a new or multiple sex partners.
I’m under 18, do I need my parents’ permission for testing?
No. The Sexual Health Reproductive laws in Wisconsin allow us to provide full testing and treatment to you without parental consent. However, because STI and pregnancy testing can often lead to a wide range of follow up discussions, we encourage patients to talk with a trusted family member or friend about sexual health concerns. If you choose, you may bring that person to the appointment.


All services are free of charge and confidential with the very rare exceptions of abuse or neglect where reporting is required by law.

Do I have to be tested for everything?
No – our medical professionals will help assess your level of risk for various infections and provide you with information and make a testing recommendation.
How do you test for STIs? (What to expect if I am tested)
  • Bacterical Vaginosis- vaginal swab*
  • Chlamydia- urine sample
  • Gonorrhea- urine sample
  • Hepatitis- blood work
  • Herpes- blood work
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)- blood work
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)- pap test/visual exam (if necessary)*
  • Syphilis- blood work
  • Trichomoniasis- vaginal swab*/urine sample

*Indicates not currently testing for this infection

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Absolutely: having the support of family and friends is important. We welcome the involvement of your support system.

Do you prescribe birth control?

Anchor of Hope Health Center does not provide, nor refer, for hormonal birth control. However, medical staff are available to provide information about birth control. Medical staff may also refer you to your primary physician to discuss this subject. 

Do you give out condoms?

We do not provide condoms. Why?

  • Regarding pregnancy, condoms, when used properly every time, have a theoretical effectiveness rate of 98% for pregnancy. In reality, 18 out of 100 people will become pregnant if condoms are the only birth control used.
  • Regarding Sexual Health Risk, although condoms can reduce the exposure risk to infections, they do not eliminate risk of infection. The CDC states, ‘the most reliable ways to avoid transmission of STDS are to abstain from sexual activity, or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.’
Do you provide Plan B?
No – We are not a dispensary for emergency contraception (Plan B, The Morning After Pill, etc. ,) However, our medical staff are happy to discuss how it works and the possible side-effects of its usage.
When do I take a pregnancy test?
While it can be possible to receive accurate results before missing a menstrual cycle, pregnancy tests are most accurate after missing a month’s menstrual cycle.
Do you provide fertility testing?
No – we are not a fertility clinic.
I’m pretty sure I want an abortion, should I still make an appointment?
Yes – If you are making this important decision, you will want to be informed about your options. Since our services are FREE, we have nothing to gain or lose by your decision. We can provide a free pregnancy test and ultrasound, which is an important piece of information in an abortion decision for the purpose of dating (knowing exactly how many weeks pregnant you are). The age of your fetus will determine your abortion options. We also provide a safe place for you to sort out your feelings in a pressure free environment.
How are you different than Planned Parenthood?
We get asked this a lot! To begin with – all of our services are FREE. Since our services are free and professional, we are highly relational and not constrained by time. We also prioritize education and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. We recognize decisions made out of fear or with a lack of knowledge are often followed by regret.

Anchor of Hope offers parenting classes and material support. If this is a first child for either mom or dad, equipping you as a parent will empower you to understand more about your baby. Moms and dads may also learn a few parenting secrets, helping you to get more sleep.

Do you serve men?
Yes –


We recognize the importance of a man’s voice in a pregnancy decision. The same client advocacy services offered to women are also offered to men for pregnancy decisions. When scheduling a pregnancy test, we will ask if the potential father will be present for the appointment.

For ultrasounds, you (the male partner) are welcome to be present for the ultrasound appointment, providing the mother of your baby agrees.

Regarding STI services, we serve all genders.

Can I get an abortion at Anchor of Hope?
Anchor of Hope does not perform or refer for an abortion. However, we do provide education, lab-quality pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and a medical consultation with a licensed nurse to help you consider your options while making a pregnancy decision.
What is the NPP (Notice of Privacy Practices)?
The Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) is a document providing information on the disclosure of medical information. This document will be provided for you during your visit.
COVID-19 and My Baby

   As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more information is available as to what your risk and your baby’s risk, may be. Click here

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