Do you need someone to talk with?  

Life can get gnarly and complex. 

Sometimes it’s helpful to run things

by another guy.

Think she’s pregnant?

You are encouraged to come along with your partner on her first appointment.  Appointments are flexible and include:

  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Free ultrasound
  • Pregnancy options and counseling
  • Your support is vital



Think you might have an STD?

Request an appointment for your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test today.

  • 45-minute nurse visit
  • Blood and urine testing available
  • Results in under one week
  • Treatment options available


Want to explore abortion recovery?

You are not alone in having questions about abortion or post-abortive decisions.  We’re here for you.


Wondering about parenting classes?

Being a parent can be stressful — we’re here to help!  Our Earn While You Learn parenting classes teach valuable skills and allow you to earn credit towards purchases in our baby boutique.  We even have a “Dad & Me” corner!

  • 45-minute sessions
  • Video-based
  • Approved for court-ordered education
  • Individual and/or education available
  • Various parenting topics, interests


Wondering about sexuality?

  • Sexuality is powerful and complex.
  • How do I understand it? 
  • What is sexual integrity and responsibility? 
  • Who I can talk with about it?

Like to talk to another guy?

Life can get gnarly and complex.  Sometimes it’s helpful to run things by another guy.  

  • Chat sessions are 45-minutes long and you select the topic.  
  • If you choose, you can meet again – and even regularly — with another man to discuss life issues.


Unsure if you or your significant other is pregnant?

Anchor of Hope offers FREE medical grade pregnancy tests.

1(920) 452-4673
1018 S. Taylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Thinking about more drastic measures?  Let us know!  We would love a chance to talk with you about your options.
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