Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Positive Home Test

Testing positive on a home pregnancy kit is a common first step.  Our trained medical staff offer lab quality pregnancy tests. Clients with positive tests may qualify for a limited obstetric ultrasound.  Contact us.

Sick Feeling

About four to six weeks into a pregnancy, vomiting and nausea become common.  Not all women experience these feelings.  Morning sickness is the common name for these symptoms during a pregnancy.  Morning sickness can happen anytime of the day, and is a common first sign of pregnancy.

Sore & Tender Breasts

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy can be the swelling of the breasts, and a tingling sensation of the nipples.  This is a result of extra blood flow to the breast area.  Once your body gets used to the new levels of hormones in your body, this sensation often subsides.  Changing of the nipples to a darker color is also common.

Frequent Urination

Five to eight weeks into a pregnancy, frequent urination is common.  This is because your kidneys have to work extra hard to support the new life inside of you.

Missed Period

If your period is regular, a missed period is often the first sign of pregnancy.  If your period is irregular, you will need a pregnancy test to be sure.


When you are pregnant your body has to burn extra energy.  Your body has to produce a lot of extra chemicals and hormones to deal with the changes happening inside it.  Feeling exhausted is very common during the entire pregnancy experience.

Spotting & Cramping

Instead of experiencing your normal period, you can sometimes experience spotting.  It can happen when you urinate, and is much lighter then a normal period.  Light cramping throughout the day is also common.

Unusual Food Cravings

A change in taste and a desire for different kinds of food are very common signs of pregnancy.  In addition to changes in your palate, smell is also another strong indicator of pregnancy.  Many women have reported that a change of smells and tastes was their first sign of pregnancy, even before they noticed a missed period.

Unsure if you are pregnant?  Need confirmation?

Anchor of Hope offers FREE medical grade pregnancy tests.

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