No thank you, Miley!

As a recovering Pro-Choicer, I find myself first angry and then deeply saddened by Miley Cyrus’ new campaign with Planned Parenthood. Growing up in a conservative, small town and attending a private college, I felt comfortable behind my “pro-life for myself and...

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Sexual Health Risk and Avoidance

According to (and others), April is STD Awareness Month as well as Sexual Assault Awareness (and Prevention) Month. That makes April a great time to start a conversation about sexual choices, risk factors, partner selection, and the relationship between...

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Ultimate Vulnerability

The movie Unplanned will open in theaters across the country this weekend. This film is the true story of Abby Johnson, the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic director in the nation, turned pro life advocate. It is based on Abby’s book (same title) published in 2010...

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Are We Going the Wrong Way?

With 2 months of 2019 behind us, the social talking points for abortion continue to flood the headlines in Wisconsin and across the country. For WI residents, shortly after the dust settled in Madison, Planned Parenthood of WI filed a federal lawsuit asking to repeal...

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Crisis and Inconsistency

Crisis  Most people can recall a time in their life when they experienced a crisis. Maybe it was a time of grieving for a lost loved one, experiencing a loss in a relationship, or receiving a poor health diagnosis. The reality is life can be difficult and all people...

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Resolutions and Relationships

I resolve to… How many of us start our new year with a commitment to “do better” or to “be better” in some way? For many it’s a healthier eating plan (cutting down on sugar and carbs while increasing selections from the grocery store’s perimeter). For others, it may...

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Single Story and abortion

      When was the last time you single-storied another human? Chances are it was much more recent than you realize or care to admit!   What does it mean to ‘single story’ another person? A great descriptive can be viewed on Chimamanda Adichie’s Ted Talk. If you do...

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Seek the truth

'TRUTH! – You can't handle the truth!' These are words Jack Nicholson shouted in the great (old) movie, 'A Few Good Men.' Nicholson's character, Colonel Nathan Jessup, comment was in reference to a lack of understanding and knowledge that civilians have regarding...

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Owning your birth control – naturally & digitally

It's good science now because there's an app for it. And we know we can trust it because the FDA has approved it. In a recent special report aired on 58 WDJT, 'Women now considering digital birth control,' Jessica Tighe introduced a pregnancy prevention app along with...

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The precious face of choice

You have got to love the internet. Last week, a 3-year-old video created by a left-wing advocacy organization re-emerged when the founder and president of Culture of Life Africa tweeted it out as the "creepiest pro-abortion Ad" she'd ever seen. The ad has been...

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