COVID-19 Update (Updated 5/27/20)


During this season, Anchor of Hope is making efforts to minimize exposure and reduce transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) to our patients, clients and staff. We have plans in place throughout the phases of re-opening to limit possible exposure. 

 We are asking screening questions, and taking temperatures prior to entering our facility to identify those who may be at risk.  All intake paperwork can now be completed electronically before your appointment.

 If you have an appointment, please call us at (920)452-4673 so we can pre-screen all appointments and greet you at our front door.   If you do not have an appointment, you will be screened at the door if a time slot is available for you.

 It is important to stay home if you are sick to prevent spreading the virus. Please help us protect our vulnerable population by answering these questions:

 Do you have any symptoms?

  • Cough/cold symptoms
  • Fever (temp. above 100 degrees)
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Loss of taste/smell

 Have you had potential exposure?

  • In the past month, have you been in contact with someone who was confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, please call the Center at (920) 452-4673 so we can assess risk and make appropriate referralsIf our staff assesses you to be at risk, you will be asked to schedule your appointment at a future date for the safety of our staff and patients.


Seek the truth

'TRUTH! – You can't handle the truth!' These are words Jack Nicholson shouted in the great (old) movie, 'A Few Good Men.' Nicholson's character, Colonel Nathan Jessup, comment was in reference to a lack of understanding and knowledge that civilians have regarding...

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Owning your birth control – naturally & digitally

It's good science now because there's an app for it. And we know we can trust it because the FDA has approved it. In a recent special report aired on 58 WDJT, 'Women now considering digital birth control,' Jessica Tighe introduced a pregnancy prevention app along with...

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The precious face of choice

You have got to love the internet. Last week, a 3-year-old video created by a left-wing advocacy organization re-emerged when the founder and president of Culture of Life Africa tweeted it out as the "creepiest pro-abortion Ad" she'd ever seen. The ad has been...

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The Reviews Are In!

Our goal at Anchor of Hope is to help as many people as possible who are facing an unplanned pregnancy or are in need of STD/STI testing. We give our patients a survey to fill out - providing us on helpful information to make our services better. One of the questions...

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Abortion and the Church

For many, the church is a place where phrases like "God loves you," "You are forgiven," and "Grace" are commonly heard. Although these words are intended to convey love, acceptance and forgiveness, when it comes to sexuality and unplanned pregnancies, it seems a large...

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Perspective changes everything!

In the world of little lives (little as in cellular-level little, the medical community calls them embryos), we find that they are assigned their value by the perspective of a bigger, multi-cellular being. In March, a cryopreservation tank at the University Hospitals...

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It’s not a Game

It’s not a Game

“The only true competition is ourselves,” that’s what well-known author/optimist, Simon Sinek, said during a presentation at the 2018 Global Leadership Summit (GLS). If this is true, organizations like Anchor of Hope would only be measured by our accomplishments,...

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Celebrating a woman’s ability to choose!

Celebrating a woman’s ability to choose!

When a woman finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy, her immediate feelings aren’t “hooray, I have a choice,” she becomes overwhelmed with uncertainty and fear. She starts asking herself: How could this have happened? Who am I going to tell? What am I going to do...

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Giving Back – Deanna’s Story

The greatest gift is taking a moment to give back. Recently, we had an unexpected visit from one of our clients, Deanna (her real name). She stopped in after work to donate $100 to Anchor of Hope Health Center and thank us for the work we do. "You guys help me so...

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Thinking about more drastic measures?  Let us know!  We would love a chance to talk with you about your options.
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