As a recovering Pro-Choicer, I find myself first angry and then deeply saddened by Miley Cyrus’ new campaign with Planned Parenthood. Growing up in a conservative, small town and attending a private college, I felt comfortable behind my “pro-life for myself and pro-choice for others” stance. After all, who was I to make that decision for someone else?

Besides, Planned Parenthood did so much good for women – free birth control, confidentiality. Who wanted their parents to know they were having sex? They didn’t have to know – Planned Parenthood kept your secret and you got to look squeaky clean. Win-win for all, right?  

But, I’m not writing this about free birth control. I’m writing this as a woman who was duped by the messaging attempting to convince us that Planned Parenthood is for “women’s health.”  

The pro-choice message is about normalizing the business of abortion for profit – not free birth control, not women’s health, not freedom, not choice.  

I understand that was hard to read. I know, it was hard for me to type it. It creates an uneasy feeling in my stomach. But then I think about that woman who wasn’t ready to be a mom and didn’t have a support system in place. What about her? Who am I to say she doesn’t have the right to abort?  

But, this isn’t just about that woman in her specific situation, is it? This is about a baby now and a woman later. The baby (he or she) is forming in his/her momma while this decision is being made. I know – I may have made some eyes roll and created enemies with that statement. But ignore the media for a minute and listen to your heart. Does your heart really tell your brain RIGHT NOW – that after conception, there is no baby? I dare you to search deep.  

What The Years Have Taught Me  

A woman later. A friend later. Regret. Sadness. Wondering what could have been in a life. I do not want that for any woman – not even one I may call my enemy. We owe it to her to help her not feel that regret. We owe it to her to listen to her concerns, her fears, her hopes, and her dreams. We owe it to her to speak honestly and truthfully with her. We owe it to her to support her, not just in her pregnancy decision but in her life. We owe it to her to help her make a “healthy decision” for herself.    

Of course, we are all allowed to have our own opinions – even well-paid celebrities like Miley Cyrus. But there is a thin line between opinion and propaganda, and Miley just twerked her way across it while topless and licking a birthday cake.  

Honestly, this isn’t the way I like to get medical, philosophical or political advice, and in this day and age of celebrities receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars per Instagram post, this just feels like another advertisement – a poorly crafted one at that. In the end, I personally will not let Miley have her cake and eat it too. I will not let her get paid for an advertisement that makes it cool to support Planned Parenthood – and more importantly – abortion. Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion takes life – both from the baby and from that woman later. Abortion takes life from dads and grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends.  

Please join me from coming behind the curtain of “Pro-life for me, Pro-choice for her.” Let’s support women, men and babies by empowering them to make a positive decision for themselves and their child. I wish I had done this sooner in my life. I wish I had provided a louder voice for others. I vow to be that voice of support and truth going forward. Join me and learn from my past. Keep your cake, Miley. We’re not interested.

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