‘TRUTH! – You can’t handle the truth!’ These are words Jack Nicholson shouted in the great (old) movie, ‘A Few Good Men.’ Nicholson’s character, Colonel Nathan Jessup, comment was in reference to a lack of understanding and knowledge that civilians have regarding military affairs. A fairly accurate statement.

National security and our military aside, most of us seek truth, in relationships, news, research, medical advice and so much more.

We, too, seek truth!

On November 19, Heartbeat International launched a website, Pregnancy Center Truth #PCTruth, providing information on the global network of 2600 pregnancy help organizations, of which Anchor of Hope is one. The website draws on data from pregnancy centers to expand the conversation and bring truth to light for the talking point of abortion advocatory groups like NARAL, NOW, National Abortion Federation, The Center for Reproductive Rights, and others.

Tiring of name-calling (‘fake clinics’) and mudslinging (‘rely on deception’), Pregnancy Center Truth developers decided to present data and statistics collected from these licensed facilities around the world.

Here is a brief sampling of some statistics from 2017:

  • Over 2 Million people served (resulting in $161 Million to US tax payers)
  • 90% of all funding comes from local communities
  • 7,500 Medical professionals volunteering their time
  • 87% of centers offer parenting classes

Questions? Seeking TRUTH about a pregnancy center near you?

Visit https://pregnancycentertruth.com/ or call us. Our clients tell us we’re really nice.

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