Success Stories

Over 750 women have successfully rescued their babies in the past 10 years! There is HOPE.

Meet Becky.  


Mom of two who began the chemical abortion process while pregnant with her second child. Becky went to Planned Parenthood and started the process of aborting her son by taking the first of two pills. She soon realized she had made the wrong decision, changed her mind, and contacted the APR hotline.  Her beautiful son, Zachariah is one of the over 750 babies alive today because of Abortion Pill Rescue.

Meet Emily, Lisbeth, Cachet, Andrea, Maria, and more…    


Meet Dr. William Lile.  

He calls himself the ProLife Doc.

Dr. Lile is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and his practice is located in Pensacola, FL.



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