The Controversy

Every story has at least two sides…


and Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) is no different. APR skeptics doubt the years of research and the more than 800 moms who have gone on to birth a child after having taken the first of the 2 chemicals used in a chemical abortion.  Because the initial researchers didn’t use a randomized placebo-controlled study, naysayers are concerned that the information about use of progesterone is misleading. However, setting a life-saving treatment option in motion may provide the hope of a second chance for your baby.

Supporters state the APR protocol has shown no evidence of birth defects associated with babies born after APR treatment. Additionally, off-label use of progesterone during pregnancy is common. APR supporters also celebrate ten years of success stories from moms who have taken the first pill, regretted that decision and sought to keep their babies. (See Client Reviews.)  Peer-Reviewed studies show that APR triples the chance of live birth.   Without intervention (the APR protocol), some studies have shown that 25% of pregnancies will survive an attempted chemical abortion if only mifepristone is ingested and no further preventative measures are taken. The addition of a progesterone protocol (APR), has shown to increase the rate of embryo survival 68%.  Progesterone is the anecdote to mifepristone in early pregnancy and can be used to help save a pregnancy.  This amazing science is available to any mom who feels she has made a wrong choice and wants a second choice to try to reverse that decision.


As of June 2019, nine states require APR information be included as a part of informed consent laws. These states are Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Utah. In these 9 states, the law requires abortion facilities to inform a woman prior to or soon after the first step of a chemical abortion that if she changes her mind, it may be possible to reverse the effects of the chemical abortion.  It’s your body and it’s your choice.

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