You have got to love the internet.

Last week, a 3-year-old video created by a left-wing advocacy organization re-emerged when the founder and president of Culture of Life Africa tweeted it out as the “creepiest pro-abortion Ad” she’d ever seen.

The ad has been wrongfully attributed to Planned Parenthood because it uses the hashtag #standwithpp (and using the word “ad” is generous since it was never used as an actual ad, and even for a viral video has fewer views than a driveway pothole repair instructional video). Of course, as this shocking video that uses a very cute baby as an example of a choice, it quickly made its rounds – again – on the internet, with many people publicly shaming Planned Parenthood for the ad.

This video was created to be disruptive and illicit a response – it has and it’s easy to see why.

Spliced in to the cute baby footage are these messages.

  • She deserves to be loved
  • She deserves to be wanted
  • She deserves to be a choice

The take away message from this 40 second video is an attempt to establish the criteria to avoid a child being aborted, leading people to the next logical question, ‘Is there a starting or stopping point for validation of these criteria?’

Why now if this video is three years old? Coincidently it’s a good time to ask that question as the US recognizes November as ‘National Adoption Month.’ Statistics estimate that on any given day in the US, 438K children are in foster care. If one were to argue in favor of the suggested criteria for human value, what status and care would be given to the 438K children in ‘the system?’

Are they loved? Better question – is that love being lived out in their daily lives? Apparently CPS or other agencies have answered that with an emphatic ‘no!’

Are they wanted? Fortunately, that answer is a resounding ‘yes’ for the approximately 135K children who are adopted each year in the U. S.

Are they a choice? Is it safe to assume they were someone’s choice since they represent a living, breathing human being, albeit a minor?

If being loved, wanted and a choice are prerequisite for authentic humanity, there is a good chance we are all at risk. Who, during the course of his/her life has not struggled with feeling any combination of these?

While this video in question was, well, made to spark controversy around the time of the last Presidential Election, it still brings up some interesting points. Especially with organizations, like ours, who believe that birth is the best choice of them all.

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