Our goal at Anchor of Hope is to help as many people as possible who are facing an unplanned pregnancy or are in need of STD/STI testing. We give our patients a survey to fill out – providing us on helpful information to make our services better. One of the questions we ask is “What do you like best about Anchor of Hope?” Here’s what real people are saying:

  • “How no one make you feel judged or anything”
  • “I liked that the staff is always nice and a huge help and all great listeners”
  • “Friendly, understanding staff”
  • “Confidential, one on one approach with staff that listened to hear instead of responding”
  • “You guys always make me feel 100% comfortable and not judged”
  • “Treated as an individual with respect to lifestyle choices”
  • “They don’t judge you on the decisions you want to make”
  • “I like the confidentiality and I like that it is a free service”
  • “Nice, caring and professional”
  • “The staff was very respectful”
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