Today is NOT about you. Yes, we just went there.

Happy National #Iwantyoutobehappy Day! Every year March 3 is set aside to remind us that it’s good to think of others before ourselves — at least one day a year. And then, after thinking, go ahead and do something!

It’s not complicated. Smile at a stranger. Listen (really listen) to a friend. Help someone out. Graciously smile and wave (with all 5 fingers) when that careless driver cuts you off because she left for work late. Bake cookies for your mail person. Try patience on for size when waiting in line (we’ve all been there). Pay an unexpected compliment to someone who crosses your path. Have coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Give $20 at the drive through for the car behind you. You get the idea. Get creative. Have fun. The possibilities are endless.

A recent happiness survey by the Harris Poll indicated that only 33% of Americans say they are happy, which was an increase from the 2016 poll, stating a 31% happiness rating. This presents a lot of opportunities for success! Like 67% if the folks we see today could use a little happiness. The deck is stacked in our favor.

As sassy, direct, straightforward people,  we sum it up like this: #itsnotaboutyou. Or, is it? Interesting enough, research indicates that making others happy tends to make us happy, too! Work done at the University of Switzerland determined through MRI scans that even small amounts of generosity and kindness have the potential to influence areas of the brain associated with altruism and happiness. Maybe that old poem reminding us that it is in giving and doing for others that we truly receive is actually true.

Now, before you start thinking that we just managed to take a genuinely selfless day of goodness and gratuity, and successfully reverted its pure intentions to align with our typical selfie-driven culture, consider this. What if that IS the answer? What if we dared to focus our energy, attention, effort, and actions on the good of others not just for one day, but as a way of life? What if we approached every day looking for opportunities to make others happy? What if we lived every day considering how we can make #Iwantyoutohappy a way of life?

So celebrate #Iwantyoutohappy, and make it a way of life.

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